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Waste Collection Rates

Waste Collection Rates – Waste Management

Residents will be billed every three (3) months for collection in advance of service rendered.  Price is per unit for once a week solid waste collection and every other week recyclables collection for all one and two family dwellings.


  2022  2023 2024
 96-gallon cart, plus 2 additional 33-gallon bags  $21.48/mo 






 SENIOR CITIZEN 96-gallon cart $18.25/mo  






Backyard Service — Additional Monthly Charge

Residents interested in rear year service must pay one (1) year in advance.  Service is limited to 96-gallon cart for solid waste and one (1) recycling container placed no more than 150 feet from the curb. There is an additional fee for trash placed more than 150 feet from the curb.

Disabled residents verified as eligible by Waste Management will be provided backyard service at no additional charge.

  2022  2023 2024
96-gallon cart   $36.48/mo