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Call 911

In Butler County you must dial 911 to receive both emergency and non-emergency services from police, fire, and EMS.

  • Call 911 and the officers on duty will take care of the issues or problems.
  • The Butler County 911 Center handles all requests for service and response for
  • public safety departments.
    Valuable time can be lost if you attempt to call the police or fire department’s office phone number and delay the response to your location.
  • Do not call individual officers to report crimes or leave voicemails reporting crimes, CALL 911.

Reasons to Call the Police Department’s Main Line

The following are the only times you should call the police department administration office directly:

  • To follow up on an existing case
  • Inquire about a township ordinance
  • Requesting copies of police reports
  • Scheduling an appointment for fingerprinting or car seat inspections.
  • Submit a Tip. If you would like to submit a police tip you can also our online Police Tip form

The Police Department’s Main Line is: (724) 285-9600

Non-Emergency Fire Department Calls

If you need to contact the department for non-emergency business please use these numbers.

  • Fire Department
    • Chief, Toby Wehr
    • (724) 482-2000
  • Director of Emergency Services
    • Scott Frederick
    • 724-283-3430