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Personal Safety

Police Administration Office

The police department administration office is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM.  Outside of those hours a call box is located to the right of the public entrance.  This dials directly to 911, where an officer is notified that you need assistance.

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Tips to Avoid Being Scammed….

  1. Your caller ID may display “not available” or “private number, private name” – beware of the caller if answered.
  2. Beware if you are asked to pay immediately by wiring money, using a prepaid debit card, or by giving your credit card number or checking account and routing number.
  3. Always verify the identity of anyone asking for money, personal information, or permission to access your computer.
  4. Don’t click on links or use numbers provided in e-mails or texts. Obtain the correct information separately—such as from a previous bill.
  5. Shred sensitive documents before discarding them.
  6. Always examine your bank statements for unusual transactions.
  7. Don’t say “Yes” or give your name til you are sure you know who has called you.

Safe Shopping Tips

Many crimes can be prevented if you take simple steps to protect yourself and trust your instincts.

  1. Carry your handbag close to your body. Always keep your handbag secured.  Don’t leave your money, credit cards, or wallet exposed.  Do not leave your purse in the child seat section of a shopping cart.  When using the restroom, do not hang your purse on the upper hanger inside the stall.  Also beware of your surroundings.  Suspects work in teams.
  2. When walking or shopping DON’T wear expensive, noticeable jewelry. Such items could make you a target for muggers.
  3. Don’t flash money or credit cards.
  4. Avoid using automatic teller machines at night and obscured locations.
  5. Don’t place a lot of packages in the trunk of your vehicle and reenter the mall to continue shopping. Call it a day or relocate your car.  Individuals may be watching lots and targeting vehicles.
  6. Try not to be the last to leave the shopping mall.
  7. Have your keys in your hand when you go to your vehicle.
  8. Always try and park in a well-lit area.
  9. If you are planning on taking a trip and parking in an extended parking area, or even while you are at the mall, never leave your garage door openers or GPS units visibly displayed in your vehicle. All the suspects need to do is hit return home.  They get your address, they know you are not at home and with the garage door opener they have access.