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Recreational Fires

Emergency Calls

To report an emergency dial 9-1-1.

Non Emergency Calls

Butler Township is currently provided fire and rescue service through the Butler Township Volunteer Fire District. If you need to contact the department for non-emergency business 

  • Fire Department
    • Deputy Chief, Kevin Smith
    • (724) 482-2000
  • Director of Emergency Services
    • Scott Frederick
    • (724) 283-3430

Please use these links for additional emergency services information

Emergency Information

The following links can provide information, help you prepare or find support in emergencies.

Fires for recreational purposes, such as cookouts and camping, are permitted within Butler Township at any time.

No permit is required for a recreational fire.

The following conditions must be followed:

  • Only clean dry wood products are to be burned, no treated or painted lumber is permitted,
  • Fire size is limited
    • three (3) foot in diameter
    • two (2) foot in height,
  • Fire location no closer than 25 feet from a structure or combustible material.
  • Conditions that could cause fire to spread must be removed prior to ignition,
  • Fires in patio fire pits or chimineas must be in accordance with manufacturer instructions,
  • Fires are not permitted within ten (10) feet of
    • any street
    • public way
    • property line,
  • All fires shall be constantly attended until extinguished
  • An approved method of extinguishing fire shall be on site for immediate utilization.  Examples of approved methods include:
    • Fire Extinguisher with minimum 4A rating
    • garden hose
    • water barrel
    • sand pr dirt
    • water truck

Recreational Fire