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Earned Income Tax (Berkheimer)

Berkheimer Tax Administration collects the following taxes for Butler Township:

  • Earned Income Tax
  • Mercantile Tax
  • Local Services Tax

Berkheimer Tax Administration Contact Information:

All Earned Income Tax (EIT) will be withheld by employers and, remitted to a single Tax Officer designated to represent the Tax Collection District (TCD).  If you are self-employed, you must submit the taxes as your own representative.  Butler Township has selected Berkhimer Tax Administrator to server as our representative.
The taxes will then be distributed to the employee’s proper place of residency, in your case, Butler Township and the Butler Area School District.

All EMPLOYEES or the self-employed must fill out a Residency Certification Form and return it to their employer to ensure their EIT is withheld and distributed properly.

Employee EIT rates will be decided by Butler Township, whose code is 100102.

If a change in residency occurs, employees must inform employers of their new residency