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Police Department

Police Administration Office

The police department administration office is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM.  Outside of those hours a call box is located to the right of the public entrance.  This dials directly to 911, where an officer is notified that you need assistance.

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Butler Township Police Patch
The Butler Township Police Department is managed by Chief John Hays and consists of a lieutenant, four patrol sergeants, three detectives, twelve full time patrol officers, one part time dog law enforcement officer, and two full time clerical support staff.

The police officers are continuously participating in advanced training and the police vehicles contain the latest equipment to aid in law enforcement, such as video recording devices and mobile data terminals.

Here at Butler Township Police, we believe that “working with you, we can make a difference!

In 2019, Butler Township Police were dispatched by the Butler County Emergency Management Center (911) to over 6,900 incidents.   Butler Township Police are an active member of the Butler County Drug Task Force, participating in various community policing activities, including the Officer Phil Elementary School program.

Common Police Department Requests.

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The Butler Township Police want the public to be aware our Facebook is not monitored 24/7.  It is NOT a substitute for calling 9-1-1.

All emergency and calls for service MUST go through 9-1-1.

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