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House Numbering Guidelines

Emergency Calls

To report an emergency dial 9-1-1.

Non Emergency Calls

Butler Township is currently provided fire and rescue service through the Butler Township Volunteer Fire District. If you need to contact the department for non-emergency business 

  • Fire Department
    • Deputy Chief, Kevin Smith
    • (724) 482-2000
  • Director of Emergency Services
    • Scott Frederick
    • (724) 283-3430

Please use these links for additional emergency services information

Emergency Information

The following links can provide information, help you prepare or find support in emergencies.

Make sure you can answer yes to all these questions.

  • Are your house numbers readable from the street?
  • If your home is hidden from the street, are your numbers attached to a visable tree, fence or gate?
  • Is your mobile home identified with your house number?
  • If you live on a corner, does your house number face the street named in your address?

If you have answered “No” to any of these questions, follow the guidelines below to make sure your house numbers are easy to see:

  • Numbers must be visible from the street
  • Numbers should be at least 4 inches high
  • Numbers should be placed on a contrasting background, with a reflective coating on the numbers for easy visibility at night.
  • Numbers should be placed on or beside the front door. If your door is not easily seen from the street, put the numbers on a post, fence or tree at the driveway entrance so they can be clearly seen from the street.
  • If you have a rural style mailbox, reflective and contrasting numbers should also be placed on both sides of the box so they can be easily seen by a firetruck or ambulance approaching from either direction.

Please Note: It is not necessary to put your name on your mailbox. Only your house number and, if there is room, the road or street name. Having the street name on the mailbox is useful to emergency services and the post office, especially when the municipal street sign is missing.