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Snow Removal

Public Works Department

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The Township gives top priority to winter maintenance keeping the roads free of ice and snow to ensure the safety of residents and the motoring public. The township is not responsible for maintaining private roads.

To insure the roads are maintained safely and with limited difficulty, residents are asked to keep in mind the following regulations:

  • Do not plow or shove snow from driveways onto roadways at any time; this creates hazardous driving conditions for all vehicles.
  • Where off-street parking is available, the Public Works department asks that if there is a heavy snowfall and plowing is necessary, that you park your car in your driveway.

Common Questions about Snow Removal

Why do the Township’s plow trucks keep hitting my mailbox when they plow?

Plowing snow is not an easy job, especially in the middle of a storm in the dark.  The road crew has many things to watch for when plowing snow and sometimes mailboxes are placed too far into the road right-of-way.  Sometimes it isn’t even the plow that does the damage, just the snow and ice that comes off it.  You can be assured that drivers do not intentionally and certainly try their best to avoid damage to personal property.

The summer months are also a good time for residents to inspect their mailboxes to make sure they are securely attached in the ground. When the snow plows come through in the winter they need to be able to withstand the force of the snow. The township is not responsible for mailboxes that are dislodged because of snow removal.

Why does the Township always plow my driveway shut after I finish shoveling it?

The drivers plow the roadway in the most efficient manner possible to provide the safest driving conditions as quickly as possible.  The plows deliver snow to the side of the road as long as the truck is moving.  There is no way to “shut off” the flow of snow at driveway entrances.  You can, however, assist in keeping your driveway clear by depositing all snow from your driveway to the left side facing your residence.  Also, if you clear an area on the right side of the driveway (an area approximately 15’ long) along the roadway, the plow will clear itself of snow before it reaches your driveway.