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Police Department Staff Directory

Police Administration Office

The police department administration office is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM.  Outside of those hours a call box is located to the right of the public entrance.  This dials directly to 911, where an officer is notified that you need assistance.

Please use these link to find additional information.

Police  Phone: (724) 285-9600

Name Title Extension
Hays, John Chief of Police Ext. 120
Pearson, Matthew Lieutenant Ext. 121
Mills, Chris Sr. Office Assistant Ext. 118
Muller, Emily Sr. Office Assistant Ext. 119
Fish,Dave Detective Sergeant Ext. 123
Wittlinger, Max Detective Ext. 124
Collins, Tyler Detective Ext. 122
Murphy, Robert Sergeant Ext. 527
Hensel, Steven Sergeant Ext. 534
Sasse, Jim Sergeant  Ext. 535
Vensel, Tom Sergeant Ext. 539
Blasko, Drew Patrolman Ext. 545
DiYanni, Dave Patrolman Ext. 530
Dobson, William Patrolman Ext. 552
Dovidio, Rachel Patrolman Ext. 547
Hovancik, Justin Patrolman Ext. 538
Kuss, Paul Patrolman Ext. 540
Lewis, Jeffrey Patrolman Ext 551
Murphy, Sean Patrolman Ext. 553
Schaffner, Jon Patrolman Ext. 537
Tedeski, David Patrolman Ext. 542
Welton, Justin Patrolman Ext. 541
Winkler, Ryan Patrolman Ext. 548
Animal Control
Henry, Eugene  Animal Control Officer  Dial 9-1-1