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Zoning & Planning

  • Planning Commission: a recommending body charged with guiding land use and development within the township.
  • Zoning Department: regulate the use, placement of structures, and other such requirements for every parcel of land, as well as grant variances.

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is a recommending body charged with guiding land use and development within the township. The commission makes recommendations to the Board of Commissioners concerning

  • land use ordinances
  • maps
  • subdivision and land development plans
  • stormwater management plans
  • comprehensive planning materials

and other tasks as directed by the Board of Commissioners. All citizens are encouraged to attend and participate in the Planning Commission meetings.

2024 Meeting & Submission Dates

Zoning Department

The zoning department seeks to ensure the quality of life of those who live, work, and visit Butler Township by:

  • Promoting safety in the regulation of construction, use, and occupancy of buildings.
  • Providing for orderly growth of our community
  • Taking a customer oriented approach to finding educated, cost effective solutions.

Zoning Department Contacts

For Zoning or Building questions: (724) 283-3430
Zoning Officer: Jesse Hines Ext. 216
Regulations Inspector: James Sproat Ext. 225
Zoning Secretary: Theresa Giesler Ext. 210

The Zoning Department is responsible for a variety of functions within Butler Township. Including:

  • Zoning administration and enforcement
  • Review and approval of land development and subdivisions 
  • Building permits and inspections for both residential and commercial projects
  • Comprehensive planning
  • Issuance and inspection of on-lot sewage systems
  • Municipal demographics and planning studies
  • Code enforcement

The information listed is not all inclusive.  It is intended for general information purposes.  There may be recent changes that have not been listed.  Please contact the Zoning Department for the latest revisions.

Construction projects, Building and Use Changes all require zoning approval, the issuance of a building permit and possibly other permits and approvals.  Contact the Zoning Department for assistance in completing these requirements.