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Public Works, Roads

Butler Township Public Works

The Department of Public Works is responsible for the management and supervision of all activities relating to streets and storm sewers.  Additionally, the Department is on call for any emergency such as storm debris on streets, flooding, landslides, and snow and ice efforts including salting and plowing.

Director of Public Works: Dave Meeder 
Road Department Secretary: Kim Helgeson

Phone: 724-283-3430, ext 304
FAX: 724-287-6365

Summer Road Maintenance

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The Road Department performs road maintenance during the summer months. This means that the traveling motorists in Butler Township will encounter work zone areas.

Bright orange signs and a flag will forewarn all drivers. Please slow down while driving through work zone areas. Keep in mind that work zones are monitored for speed; the penalties (fines) for speeding are doubled.

Maintenance that is scheduled by the Director of Public Works has preference over general complaints.

An emergency constitutes an exception to this rule and will be addressed in a timely manner.

Please Keep Storm Sewer Culverts Clear

During inspection and replacement of some of our storm sewer culverts, it has been noted that residents are using water courses to get rid of yard waste such as Grass clippings, leaves, excess dirt and tree limbs

  • Yard waste will impede the flow of water; placing this type of waste on the embankments of the water courses is unacceptable.
  • During a storm, water levels rise; the waste materials will wash into the water course downstream, creating a backup which results in a flooding condition.
  • Keep in mind the yard waste you deposited in the water course may not affect you, but could affect your neighbor downstream and could place you in a very uncomfortable position

We have noticed that many domestic trees and shrubs are overgrowing the road right-of-ways and cart ways.

  • Keep in mind that it is your responsibility to maintain these domestic trees or shrubs from growing onto road right-of-ways or car ways.
  • If you own any of these trees or shrubs, call a tree service to get quotes and scheduling to have your problem addressed.

The summer months are also a good time for residents to inspect their mailboxes to make sure they are securely attached in the ground. When the snow plows come through in the winter they need to be able to withstand the force of the snow. The township is not responsible for mailboxes that are dislodged because of snow removal.


Snow Removal

The Township gives top priority to winter maintenance keeping the roads free of ice and snow to ensure the safety of residents and the motoring public.  The township is not responsible for maintaining private roads.

To insure the roads are maintained safely and with limited difficulty, residents are asked to keep in mind the following regulations:

  • Do not plow or shove snow from driveways onto roadways at any time; this creates hazardous driving conditions for all vehicles.
  • Where off-street parking is available, the Public Works department asks that if there is a heavy snowfall and plowing is necessary, that you park your car in your driveway.  This simple measure will assist us with snow removal.

Public Right-of-Way

The public right-of-way is the area of ground designated for streets and curbs and is to be kept clear for public use.  It may not be used for storage of vehicles, trash, building materials, heavy equipment, recreational vehicles or any other items.

Driveway Installation

If you plan on putting in a new driveway or paving an old one, be sure your contractor addresses the issue of water drainage where your driveway meets the road or road right-of-way.  The contractor is responsible for correct water drainage where your driveway accesses the street.  Blocking any type of water drainage course in Butler Township is in violation of First Class Township Code, Section 2067.

If you have any questions, or need assistance please call the Road Department at 724-283-3430, ext. 304.

A Road Occupancy Permit Application must be submitted for all new driveways.