Administrative Office

290 South Duffy RoadHours: Monday - Friday
Butler, PA 160018:30am to 4:30pm
Phone: (724) 283-3430Fax: (724) 282-2142


Board of Commissioners

4 Year Term Term Expires
Dave Zarnick     President 2023
Sam Zurzolo     Vice President 2025
Joesph A. Wiest 2023
James Lokhaiser Jr. 2023
Edward Natali 2025

Fire Commission

2 Year Term Term Expires
Toby Wehr BTVFD 3 2019
Alan Paul Mercer Road VFD 2019
Karl Kobil South Butler VFD 2019
Charles Savannah Citizen Member 2019
James Lokhaiser, Jr. Comissioner 2019
Joe Hanchosky BTVFD 3 (1st Alternate) 2019
Brian Birckbichler BTVFD 3 (2nd Alternate) 2019
Dennis Lynn, Jr. Mercer Road VFD (1st Alternate) 2019
Glenn Miller Mercer Road VFD (2nd Alternate) 2019
Paula Schmidt South Butler VFD (1st Alternate) 2019
Daniel Thompson South Butler VFD (2nd Alternate) 2019
Fred Vero Commissioner (Alternate) 2019

Preston Advisory Board

James Lokhaiser, Jr.
Robert Shott
Dr. Nichol Zaginaylo (BC3 Rep.)
Valerie Mueller (Meridian Rep.)
Maryellen Walter (Meridian Rep.)

Recycling Advisory Committee

Ken Baldauf
Joseph Hasychak
Patricia Saeler
Richard McCandless
Karen Hepler
Sam Zurzolo

Butler Area Sewer Authority

5 Year Term Term Expires
Fred Vero 2026
Paul F. Sybert 2024

Butler Area Sewer Authority Appeals

Ron Henshaw

Civil Service Commission

6 Year Term Term Expires
John Paul 2026
Tony Stagno 2024
Richard Gigliotti 2022
Mike Slupe      (Alternate) 2028

Planning Commission

4 Year Term Term Expires
Ron Henshaw 2022
Sam Zurzolo 2025
Ernie Oesterling 2023
Brenda Collins 2025
Fred Maihle, Jr. 2023
Mike Liebler 2024
Richard Schontz, Jr. 2023

UCC Board of Appeals

5 Year Term Term Expires
Donald Ansman 2023
Bruce Betty 2025
Edward Natali 2023
Fred Maihle, Jr. 2025
Robert Pillar 2025

Zoning Hearing Board

3 Year Term Term Expires
Tom Holman 2024
Brent Thomas 2023
Greg Haughey 2025
Joseph Gray   (Alternate) 2025
Theresa Giesler     (Secretary)