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Trash & Recycling

 Waste Disposal & Recycling Services General Information from Vogel Disposal

We are pleased to inform you that Vogel Disposal Service, Inc. has been awarded the exclusive contract to provide solid waste disposal and recycling services to Butler Township residents. The contract is for three (3) years effective January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2018. Service under this contract is mandatory for all residents of one and two family dwellings

We extend a welcome to all new and current customers. We are a local family-owned company which has been proudly serving area residents for over 58 years. Our Customer Service Dept. will be glad to assist you regarding service, billing questions and accepting payments. You can call our office at 724-625-1511 or 724-285-8844 Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm or email PLEASE READ AND KEEP THESE GUIDELINES. THERE ARE MANY NEW CHANGES.   2016-2018 Vogel Disposal Trash and Recycling Guidelines for Butler Township

REGULAR CURB SERVICE: All residents will receive weekly solid waste collection of two (2) to five (5) – 30 gl. bags or cans and every other week recyclables collection. Additional service level options are available as detailed below. Bulk items are not included and will be collected for an additional charge (see inside). Solid waste and recycling collection is per individual residential unit that is generated at your residence. Sharing service is not permitted.   

If you are currently in the Senior Citizen program it is not necessary to re-enroll, please note the service level is limited to no more than two (2) – 30 gl. bag or can per week. If you want to enroll into the Senior bag service, you only need to send your proof of age along with your payment in that quarterly amount. Proof of age is a copy of your birth certificate or driver’s license. This is for residents 65 years of age or older only. 

If you are currently a Backyard or Cart service customer, your service level will continue the same unless you wish to make a change and notify us. 

To easily change your service level through January 15, 2016, you only need to include a note stating your new service selection mailed along with your payment in the quarterly amount of the chosen service.

Please mark the envelope with “Attn: Service Change” to expedite processing.

2 to 5 – 30 GL BAGS/CANS $15.50/mo $15.81/mo $16.12/mo
(previously unlimited bag) $46.50/qtr $47.43/qtr $48.36/qtr
1 – 30 GL BAG/CAN ONLY $13.90/mo $14.17/mo $14.45/mo
$41.70/qtr $42.51/qtr $43.35/qtr
SENIOR CITIZEN 1 to 2 – 30 GL BAGS/CANS $13.90/mo $14.17/mo $14.45/mo
Must be 65 years of age or older and provide proof of age with  copy of birth certificate or driver’s license $41.70/qtr $42.51/qtr $43.35/qtr
1 – 95 GL. WASTE CART $17.50/mo $17.50/mo $17.50/mo
Vogel cart only with minimum 12 month period $52.50/qtr $52.50/qtr $52.50/qtr
2 – 30 GL BAGS/CANS BACKYARD SERVICE    $33.90/mo $34.17/mo $34.45/mo
must be paid annually 1 year in advance $406.80/yr $410.04/yr $413.40/yr

Extra Bag Tags may be purchased at $1.00 per tag for each additional bag beyond your service level. Tags can be purchased at the Butler Twp. Municipal Building. Please refer to page 3 for more details. 

Recycle carts are also available at an additional $2.00 per month. 

COLLECTION DAY: Your collection day will remain the sameSolid waste and recycling pickup is on the same day.                   

We appreciate the opportunity to provide prompt, reliable service for you.



CONTACT US: Our office is open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to assist you and to accept payments. Call 724-625-1511 or 724-285-8844, email us at or through our website If you call after hours, you may leave a voicemail message and your call or email will be returned the next business day. 

**** If you are having a continuing problem with your pick-up service, please call the Butler Township Administrative Office for assistance at 724-283-3430, Ext 212. ****

CURB SERVICE: Service includes weekly solid waste and every other week recyclables collection, plus collection of leaves in biodegradable paper bags 4 weeks in the fall and 2 weeks in the spring. Place your solid waste and recyclables at the curb after 7 pm the night before your scheduled collection day. Garbage containers should be within 5 feet of the roadway.

Containers should be watertight, metal or plastic, with tight fitting covers and handles. Each container or bag should not exceed 30 gallons; each plastic bag should not exceed thirty (30) pounds in weight and be at least 1.5 ml thick. DO NOT USE PAPER BAGS, CARDBOARD BOXES OR 55-GALLON DRUMS AS GARBAGE RECEPTACLES. ANY ITEMS PLACED OUT IN THIS MANNER WILL NOT BE COLLECTED. We assume no liability for replacement of any garbage can or receptacle.

IDENTIFICATION: Clearly identify your street number on your mailbox or some type of permanent marker near the road. If this is not possible, please put your street number on your garbage containers by using stickers or tape marked with a sharpie marker. It’s important to make the containers visible to the driver. In winter months, please remove snow from the area where you place your containers and have a reasonably clear path to containers both for the vehicle and the driver. Also, make sure lids are closed to prevent rain and snow collecting inside causing items to freeze to the bottom of containers. Drivers will not reach into containers to remove items that have become frozen to the bottom, therefore, it is recommended you use garbage bags. 


  • Household Solid Waste – Includes garbage, rubbish and cold ashes, including but not limited to, all table and kitchen refuse and waste, including cans or containers, broken dishes, glass and chinaware (wrapped securely in heavy paper), together with all paper containers in which such materials may be wrapped or placed. Rubbish, refuse and ashes shall consist of items normally found around the household. BULK ITEMS ARE NOT INCLUDED.
  • Recyclables every other week in a Butler Twp. recycle bin for a one-bin commingled system. Refer to page 4 for details of included items and preparation. Packing materials such as Styrofoam blocks and peanuts must be removed.
  • Brush and tree limbs not to exceed 3 inches in diameter, 4 feet in length and weighing no more than 30 lbs., are to be tied in bundles and placed beside the containers. One bundle will be equivalent to 1 Bag. 


Please call Customer Service to pre-pay for disposal of these items and for further instruction. These items will only be picked up if they have been pre-paid by contacting our office.

  • Large Appliances & Bulk Items such as: Household furniture, stoves, washers, dryers, water heaters and softeners (that have been emptied of salt, liquids and other chemicals);
  • Mattress/box spring:  For our worker’s protection, please wrap items in plastic and tape securely closed with duct or packing tape to prevent any possible exposure to infectious pests such as bedbugs, fleas, etc.
  • Appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, etc. certified that chlorofluorocarbons (Freon) have been removed will need the Certified removal tag attached. If the Freon has not been removed, it will need tagged with the Make, Model and Serial Number for us to collect it and remove the Freon.
  • Building materials, refuse caused by repairs, alterations, remodeling, demolition and/or construction of any structures 
  • Carpet, rugs and padding must be cut in sections no longer than 4 ft. in length, securely rolled and tied and not weighing over thirty (30) pounds.

ITEMS NOT ACCEPTABLE AND WILL NOT BE PICKED UP (including, but not limited to): 

  •  All Tires, paving materials, cement, stones, sand, dirt, sod, broken concrete, concrete washtubs, vehicle parts (including tires and batteries), lead-acid batteries, paints and stains, flammable liquids or other chemicals, metal 55-gl drums and grease drums.
  • Bushes, shrubs or other vegetation with earth or soil attached to root system, tree trunks or pieces of tree limbs greater than 3 inches in diameter
  • Propane and oxygen tanks, gun ammunition, explosives, fireworks
  • Devices containing mercury and E-Waste – See definition

E-WASTE: electronic waste (E-Waste) will no longer be accepted for disposal in a PA State landfill. E-Waste is any electronic item containing computer boards such as: TVs, computers including desktop, laptop, tablet, DVD/VHS/video game players, computer peripherals, keyboard, mouse, printer, phones etc. This type of waste requires special collection and disposal. Refer to Butler County’s website for more information on disposal of E-Waste or refer to 

STATE REGULATION: We CANNOT accept liquids (solvent, paint thinners, oil, containers holding liquid paints, gas, kerosene or any liquids), ammunitions, electronic waste (E-waste), CFC’s (Freon), tires, fluorescent bulbs, vehicle batteries or parts, or any material that may be considered hazardous, volatile, radioactive, infectious or toxic. Please refer to the PA DEP for proper disposal instructions for these materials by phone (814) 332-6945 or 

NEEDLES and SHARP OBJECTS: Help us prevent needle sticks to our employees. Place all needles, syringes and lancets, in a hard plastic container with a tight fitting lid taped shut. Place with your regular trash, NOT the recycling. Wrap all sharp objects, such as broken glass or sharp metal in heavy paper and tape shut. Please protect our workers! You will be held responsible for any needle sticks to our employees.

BACKYARD 2 BAG OR CAN SERVICE: Paid annually for one (1) year in advance. Service is limited to two (2) standard 30-gl cans or bags for solid waste and one (1) recycling container placed no more than 150 feet from the curb. There is an additional fee for trash placed more than 150 feet from the curb. Disabled or handicapped persons unable to transport garbage, rubbish or recyclables to the curb for collection, upon verification of eligibility by Vogel Disposal Service, will be provided backyard service at no additional charge.

PRIVATE ROADS AND DRIVEWAYS: The owner(s) of the private road(s) or driveway(s) are required to sign a waiver of damages provided by Vogel Disposal holding harmless the municipality and Vogel Disposal for any damage that may occur on the private road(s) or driveway(s) in the course of solid waste and recycling collection.

CART SERVICE: Once requested, Vogel Disposal will provide a 95 gallon waste cart and cart service will be for a minimum twelve (12) months. The cart should be placed within 3 feet of the road edge and the cart lid should open to the road side. Place the cart 3 feet away from any additional cart or object such as a mailbox, auto, tree, etc. Carts placed too close to any object or an overhead obstruction will not be picked up due to the liability of damage to the object. Please DO NOT deface the cart. Additional charges may apply for the replacement of a cart defaced by a customer.

EXTRA BAG TAGS: Tags are available to purchase for when you need to place out additional bags. The cost is $1.00 per tag (sold in sheets of five only). Place 1 tag on each additional bag up to a 30 gl. bag and not to exceed 30 lbs. in weight. Tags may be purchased at the Butler Twp. Municipal Bldg., Vogel Disposal’s office and by mail order. You can also order and prepay by phone with our Customer Service Dept. Tags are non-refundable. Order forms are available online. 

HOLIDAY SCHEDULE:  We observe the following holidays on the days on which they fall. Business is closed on:

New Year’s Day       Memorial Day     Independence Day       Labor Day     Thanksgiving Day   Christmas Day

WE DO COLLECT ON:   Martin Luther King Jr. Day       President‘s Day       Columbus Day       Veterans Day 

If your collection day falls on or after a weekday holiday, your collection day will be one (1) day later that week.

If your collection day falls before a weekday holiday, there will be no change in your collection day.

LEAF COLLECTION: Curbside collection of bagged leaves 2 weeks during the spring and 4 weeks in the fall. Leaves must be put in biodegradable paper bags and placed at the curb on the regular collection day. Bio-degradable bags are available at building supply, hardware stores, and Amazon.  Collection dates will be in the bill message and on our website. 

CHRISTMAS TREES: Christmas trees placed at the curb from December 26th through January 31st will be collected at no extra cost. Trees that exceed 7 feet in length must be cut so that no portion exceeds 7 feet in length. 

BILLING: All accounts will be billed every 3 months to be paid in advance of service rendered. Payment must be received in our office by the due date listed below or a late fee will be added to any account remaining unpaid. Accounts not paid by the due date will receive a late notice giving 10 days to make payment. If payment is not made within the time specified, all disposal services will be temporarily suspended until we receive payment in full. There will be a minimum of $35.00 service fee for any payment not honored by the institution upon which it is drawn.

Billing due dates are as follows:

Dec 31 For services rendered in January, February, March             June 30        For services rendered in July, August, September

March 31 For services rendered in April, May, June                       Sept 30            For services rendered in October, November, December                              

We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa and debit card payments by phone, through our website or by enrolling in our Automatic Bill Payment program using a major credit card or debit card at no extra cost. Contact Customer Service to enroll. 

SERVICE AND MOVING CHANGES: If you need to make any future change to your service or are moving, please notify our office. We will continue to bill your account and expect payment, until you notify us by telephone call, letter or email of your move. If you utilized our 95 gallon cart service, we will need to make arrangements to have our cart removed. If you are going to have large quantities of trash when you are moving, please contact us so that special collection arrangements can be made.

WEBSITE: Visit us at for service news, announcements, upcoming holiday schedules, to make payments, for guidelines and a personalized recycle calendar, as well as up-to-date information on scheduling changes due to severe weather. Employment opportunities are listed under the Career tab on our website.

BIG PROJECTS: For major clean-ups, move out, and remodeling projects, we offer temporary roll-off boxes for your convenience.